Transcovers Warranty Procedure



All Transcover products are covered by a standard 12 month replacement warranty.

Sheets are covered by a 3 month workmanship replacement warranty.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing your warranty begins from the date of the Serial Number on the Warranty Sign provided with the kit. This date will be the dispatch date from Transcover.


Please be ready to tell us: -

IMPORTANT: The system Serial Number (In order to claim warranty a valid serial number of the system will be required which relates directly to the components supplied. This serial number is your warranty as per Transcovers Terms and Conditions.)

If possible, the circumstance in which the product stopped operating correctly.

Details of the installer and equipment type.



Transcover recognise the importance of having your truck on the road working and as such will operate as swiftly as possible to avoid vehicle down time.

Transcover will despatch stocked spares within 48 hours following receipt of the Serial Number and a valid warranty claim.

In the event that installation is required Transcover will liaise with our in-house engineers and our network of over 60 International agents and distributors.


Please be aware

Transcover may request that photographs are supplied in order to assist with fault diagnosis.

We may wish to speak directly to the operator to ascertain the exact circumstances of any failure.

Any replacement parts will be supplied as such and require an initial order number or payment as per the account status of the claimant. Successful claims will receive a full credit refund or replacement item(s) as required.


What we will not cover

In the event that products returned do not match those supplied with the initial delivery the claimant will be responsible for all associated costs or losses including replacement parts and associated delivery/ collection costs.

Warranty replacements are supplied on the proviso that the parts that they are replacing are returned to Transcover, Unit 1 & 2, The Mill, St Michaels Close, Aylesford, Kent. ME20 7XE within 10 working days of the receipt of replacement goods. Should parts not be returned to Transcover within this period the customer is liable for costs of any replacement goods or services and will be invoiced accordingly.

Transcovers liability extends only as far as to the value of the product supplied.

Transcover will not accept responsibility for any consequential losses. (For example: loss of work, vehicle hire, travelling or carried materials etc).

The Transcover warranty is a parts replacement warranty only and as such no labour costs are covered. In circumstances where Transcover decide as a gesture of goodwill to offer financial support associated with labour costs our maximum rate is £35 per hour linked to a pre-authorised repair time. Any indication that Transcover will agree to any payment will be shown by means of an order number issued for a set amount only. Travel and consequential costs such as down time are not covered. Invoices or charges made without prior authorisation and agreement by way of an order number will be rejected.

Transcover will not cover any costs resulting from misuse or failure to maintain equipment in accordance with our instructions.

In the event of failure of a component please contact Transcover for a replacement as tampering with goods without authorisation in writing may void your warranty.

Transcover cannot be held responsible for any acts or omissions of third parties.

Transcover cannot accept responsibility for the carriage of goods once they have been despatched.


Warranty on electric motors

Transcover offer a 3 year motor warranty from the date shown on the Serial Number on the Warranty Plate provided with any kit. Any warranty on associated spare parts is covered for 12 months and subject to the acceptance of the claim from the component manufacturer. Should your product be within the purchased warranty term and meet our warranty requirements Transcover or our component manufacturer/ supplier will repair or replace your motor with a comparable product free of charge.


When is the electric motor NOT covered under warranty?

Warranty is void if the motor end bell has been opened - No Exception.

Warranty is void if the gearbox has been cracked open - No Exception.

Damage caused by improper use, installation, or abuse.

Damage due to the use of an improper circuit breaker or lack of circuit breaker.

Damage caused by chemical exposure. Any and all consequential damages (i.e. damage to equipment or materials, delays, downtime, loss of revenue etc).

A valid Serial Number has not been supplied

The warranty is claimed after the date shown on the Warranty Sign supplied.

Any damage caused to the drive shaft.


All details and information above is subject to our Terms and Conditions which are available on request.