Tarps manufactured by hand in-house - giving you much more choice

Tarps manufactured in-house by Transcover


Transcover manufacture all of our tarps in-house for a consistent quality you can trust

The in-house tarp team here at Transcover ensure that every tarp that is delivered is fit for purpose and built to last.

We believe that the only way to ensure a consistent quality is to keep control of every aspect of our manufacturing and design processes and we are continually reviewing and assessing different textiles and materials in order to deliver tarps that compliment both our equipment and our customers various applications.

Transcover tarps are built to last

We pride ourselves on using only the best materials, sewing machines and HF (high frequency) welding equipment in the production of our tarps. Designs are built on computer with reinforcements added in key wear points for extra longevity in service. All makes and models of replacement tarps are stocked regardless of equipment type making Transcover your ideal “One Stop Shop” solution.

The key to good performance

Getting the right textile for your individual application is the key to the good performance of your tarping system.

The specialists at Transcover have worked for over 20 years with the waste, construction and agricultural industries discussing a whole variety of applications and are here to help you find the right material to cover your application.

Please see some information on the different mesh grades available and please feel free to contact our technical team if you have any questions:



Powermesh™ is a military grade textile sourced exclusively by Transcover at the World Textile Show in Atlanta 2015 to offer our customers the most long-lasting and rip resistant material on the market.

This material is like nothing else you have ever used and will greatly reduce vehicle downtime whilst ensuring that fleets continues to look professional.

Powermesh™ is imported and sold exclusively by Transcover for use in our automated covering systems and is ideal for high abrasion or high use applications such as tipper fleets or scrap metal operators.


Powermesh - BLACK

  • Lasts 5 x longer than other standard mesh equivalents
  • 26 x 24 threads per inch
  • 1000 x 1000 denier threads per inch
  • 630g [+/-10] g/m²
  • HF welded edging stops fraying
  • Knotted stitch
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Transcover Supermesh™ put simply is the strongest grade of PVC coated mesh on the market.

Material grades of this kind are measured by weight and the strength of the weft and weave of the mesh itself prior to the addition of the PVC coating. Supermesh™ is a low-weight high-strength mesh ideal for applications where weight is key to the operation of the equipment or complex pleats need fabricating in to the design. Supermesh has a similar feel to a standard mesh but don’t be fooled as this tarp is proven to last on average 3 times longer!


Supermesh – SKY BLUE.

  • 280 [+/-10] g/m²
  • Reinforced wear points
  • HF welded
  • Knotted stitch
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Standard Mesh

A good quality standard PVC coated mesh is provided for general applications as less specialist materials are available in a variety of different colours and are often ideal for normal use.

Although this material is provided as our standard grade of mesh the level of specification must comply with our high minimum standards meaning every roll that arrives at our factory in Kent is quality checked both on arrival and at the point of manufacture to ensure that the grade meets our standards.

Coated mesh tarps are stitched and reinforced in-house to a very high standard so that wear points such as container contact points are supported with PVC to lengthen the life of the tarp in use.


Standard Mesh – BLACK, BLUE, GREEN, RED

  • 270 [+/-10] g/m²
  • Reinforced wear points
  • HF welded
  • Knotted stitch
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