Transcovers NEW In-Out Sheeting System

For Hookloaders & Draw Bar Trailers

The latest addition to Transcover’s range of hook loader sheeting systems the UnderCover Auto is the new fully automatic, adjustable width sheeting system for hook loaders. Designed by Transcover to cover the full range of containers this product allows the operator to utilise the vehicle to full effect as the equipment stows outside the pattern of the container, allowing a flatbed curtainside or even dropside hook body to be used.

The UnderCover Auto is powered by 6 cylinders, controlled by externally mounted control valve, extending out the width of the framework by 165mm each side, then manoeuvring them with the attached spring loaded rollerbar over the container, laying the sheet safely on the load, avoiding any catch point The arms are then retracted to sit tight against the container.

  • Hydraulically powered
  • Covers all container sizes
  • Powder coated & zinc coated finish
  • Within width when empty or without a container