Type approval myths explained

Type approval myths explained

Save money on new trucks - type-approval explained

Since European Whole Vehicle Type Approval came into force many OEM sheeting systems have been offered as part of the Type Approved package, the implication being that to take a vehicle elsewhere or put on an alternative may cause complications. In truth, devices for securing the tarpaulin can be treated as pay-mass and as such approval for sheeting systems are not needed.

Look for example at the tipper body shown which was ordered ready to take a sheeting system, it can be taken Whole Vehicle Type Approved, unregistered and fully painted allowing the customer or dealership to simply bolt our product to the back saving hundreds of pounds per tipper.

Other popular products for installation onto new vehicles in this manor are skiploader sheeting systems such as our V-Cover http://www.transcover.com/skips/v-cover/

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