Project UniCover

Project UniCover

This week sees the launch of the Transcover UniCover sheeting system; a project which has come about to bring fixed arm sheeting systems into the 21st century.

Although we have many customers who still weld our sheeting systems onto the sub-frame and send the equipment to paint we have seen operational shifts towards entirely bolt on requirements and with these come other challenges.

Paint and handling of equipment becomes much more important as goods need to be received and handled in a way that gives the customer the delivered finish that they deserve on their new vehicle. For this to be the case packaging must be fully considered and one of the great things about the UniCover is that it shares our UnderCover jigged packaging solutions that support and protect the parts in transit. (Please see our previous blog on packaging for more information.)

A fast and consistent installation is also something that benefits the bolt on style. The UniCover system saves 8-10 man hours and also has the benefit of allowing our partners to reach to a nearby shelf should an item be dropped or scratched and access spare parts because the UniCover and UnderCover share 95% of components and offer the full solution. Equipment manufacturers at the top of their game often have trucks queued out the door so our aim is to help them make the turn around times of Transcover sheeting systems as fast as possible whilst maintaining a consistently high quality product. This allows them to concentrate on their core business and delivery schedules.

Once in the field support is also better as the UniCover is independent of the hook equipment making diagnostics much more simple as there are no variations in installation. Spare parts will also no longer need to go to a workshop for welding as customers will have the flexibility to either use a Transcover agent or service their own repairs on site with painted replacement bolt on items. Also, the cylinders are now shared with our UnderCover which means they have greatly improved rod diameters, check valves and over-centre valves for improved safety.

Overall the UniCover takes from our experiences and those of our agents and customers to become part of an improved and unified sheeting range alongside the UnderCover (hydraulic width adjusting system.) One fixed system that adjusts for whole vehicle type approval and trailer applications, offers a remote control option and covers 15-55 yard containers. For more information contact


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