NEW Powermesh – Black anti-rip mesh exclusive to Transcover

NEW Powermesh – Black anti-rip mesh exclusive to Transcover

Transcover has travelled to the other side of the globe to the World Textile Show in Atlanta to secure a military grade anti-rip mesh exclusively for use with Transcover sheeting systems.



Powermesh™ is a sleek black highly durable textile developed to resist the wear of extreme usage and challenging applications.


Gleeson Truck Bodies have recently upgraded all of their sheeting systems to Powermesh™ as the industry standard mesh wasn’t meeting their customer needs. Treena Caron from Gleeson comments; “We had a request for a stronger mesh from one of our key customers and asked Transcover for options, since moving to Powermesh™ the response has been overwhelmingly positive and we supply it on all of our bodies. There is a small difference in cost but our customers see this as value added as it keeps the truck looking and working better for longer.”


In test Powermesh™ was proven to last 5 times longer than an equivalent standard mesh tarp and simply out-performs all other products on the market.


Colin Bartram from Transcover says; “Given the large numbers of vehicles on a fleet it can be a challenge to keep both the tarps in good condition and the vehicles on the road – with Powermesh™ this is made 5 times easier!"


The condition of tarps not only impacts on how the sheeting system performs in service (stressing electrics, catching etc.) but also how your vehicles look; a truck painted in your livery is representing your business and nobody wants torn and frayed tarps letting down an otherwise gleaming vehicle.


If you find that you are changing tarps too often or your fleet image is suffering because of frayed materials then I would encourage you to try Powermesh™ and conduct a direct comparison – you will be surprised by the results!”


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