New Boughton specified with UnderCover Auto sheeting system

New Boughton specified with UnderCover Auto sheeting system

Steve Hopkinson of Derbyshire based waste operator Hopkinson Waste Management has kindly sent us some film of the UnderCover Auto in operation.


There are two products available from the UnderCover range and the UnderCover Auto is the version that sits on the rear of the container, this allows the safe covering of the container from ground level in under 5 minutes.


The equipment is operated with a simple three lever valve allowing the arms to be extended outwards widthways before adjusting to suit the full range of containers; from 15-50yards. The position of the arms under the container also means that no electrics are required and no in-cab width extension making the UnderCover the most simple and reliable solution for hookloader vehicles.


Steve Hopkinson said; “Over the years I have tried the full range of sheeting systems and decided this time on the UnderCover Auto because I kept getting damage on the Boughton systems when trying to cover the 15-20yard bins and the Transcover seemed to cover these in a more robust way as part of the systems arm travel. I had also found that other systems have hose tracking which tends to get damaged by trees for example or the location of the arms on the systems with outriggers means that they fill up with soil and fines when loading on the vehicle.  


This system (UnderCover Auto) by comparison is not only a good machine generally but is stored in a very compact way which allows you to get the vehicle in to tight spaces with very little access and to load containers over the top without risk of damage to the arms or hoses; for this reason we have found this to be the best system. We have also had a very good experience generally from the sales team at Transcover both during and after the sale of the equipment.”


The UnderCover Auto is a Transcover design and built in-house at our premises Kent. For more information please contact


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