More room for vulnerable road users

More room for vulnerable road users

Transcover’s UnderCover leaves more room for vulnerable road users

Transcover have installed our UnderCover sheeting system to an O’Donovan Waste hookloader as part of a drive to consider cyclists and other vulnerable road users on the Capitals narrow roads.

O’Donovan Waste are recognised supporters of Brake the road safety charity as well as being champions of Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety (CLOCS) and a number of other key safety organisations; making them ideal partners for Transcover’s UnderCover project in London.

Colin Bartram from Transcover explains more about the product; “The UnderCover system sits neatly under the body when the vehicle is both covered and un-covered, meaning that there is no additional width to the vehicle when travelling. Usually sheeting systems have arms which sit outside of the width of the container and this is something we have worked hard to address during the design process and we are happy to say we now have a product that is truly width-compliant during all aspects of use.”

The systems stowed position is ideal for narrow or congested roads where pedestrians or cyclists may be at risk as it keeps the width of the vehicle at 255cm and keeps the structure of the sheeting arms tucked neatly underneath the container. When in use the driver can operate the system with remote control allowing a full view of all sides of the container whilst sheeting the load.


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