Leading fleet operator BP Mitchell order another 20 TipperCovers with Powermesh™

Leading fleet operator BP Mitchell order another 20 TipperCovers with Powermesh™

The operation at Hertfordshire based BP Mitchell is one that shows a company in full control of their vast fleet of tippers, grabloaders and plant equipment; even choosing to build their own robust aluminium muck-away style tipping bodies to ensure that they get the turnaround times and payload that they need.

Colin Bartram from Transcover comments; “It is always our goal to secure repeat business from any of our customers as this for us as a proud British manufacturer is an endorsement of our products but from an operator with the fleet size and experience of BP Mitchell we are very grateful for the business and take even more pride. Modern systems are now delivered with Transcover Powermesh™ showing a move towards less downtime and greater investment in keeping the fleet on the road which is a decision many in the same situation are moving towards.”

Richard Tassell the Transport Manager for BP Mitchell explains why he uses Transcover; “When we started putting together our own bodies in 2012 we decided to buy only the Transcover TipperCover as we wanted one system on the fleet, in practice the systems have proven to be both reliable and cost effective and so it pays to stick with what works. Since then the bodies and sheets have proven themselves to the extent that we have even supplied our bodies to other local operators.”

Transcover began over 20 years ago supplying sheeting systems onto the founders own fleet and we are very proud of the product that we supply today. For more information on Powermesh™ or the TipperCover system please contact us our sales team on sales@transcover.com

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