The delivered quality of Transcover goods has always been important but as the industry moves towards fully bolted solutions our kits are often installed as delivered without ever coming in contact with a paint booth.

In response to this challenge we have looked at all of our processes and have used CAD software to develop jigged packaging for all of our systems. This ensures that not only are our products picked and packed correctly through our facility, they can be easily checked and installed with minimum disruption to both to the workshop and the paint finish.

Small items will be packed in individual boxes corresponding to images which makes them simple to find and soft modelled spacers will keep the goods secure and unblemished during transit.

Bespoke: Wooden cartons housing soft modelled spacers can be safely stacked

Bespoke wooded cartons (designed and built in-house) offer further protection and allow the kits to be stacked and stored safely outside if necessary and can be collapsed for shipment and reused.

The project will continue as the environmental and recyclable elements of our packaging will remain a focus for our ongoing improvement.

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