2020 Driver of the Year

2020 Driver of the Year

UnderCover Sheeting System Review

Paul Neals UnderCover Sheeting System

Review by Paul Neal

Paul Neal, who has recently been named as the 2020 Future Fleet Forum Driver of the Year gives his insight into working with Transcover and their unique UnderCover sheeting system for hookloaders.  As a HGV driver and Logistics Supervisor operating in London, he has vast experience of working in one of the busiest cities in the world; the City of London.  Paul has worked for the multi award-winning O’Donovan Waste Disposal for 22 years – a leading independent waste management company specialising in construction and demolition waste, operating a fleet of 100 lorries in the capital.  Paul helps train and mentor colleagues and  is involved in O’Donovan’s community work – sharing his experience and promoting best practice to other road users through educational safety programmes.


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Paul Neal of O’Donovan Waste – Future Fleet Forum – Driver of the Year 2020

How long have you been operating the UnderCover sheeting system?

When we first used the UnderCover sheeting system in 2017, we had it retro-fitted to one of our hookloaders and we were very impressed.  Now, when ordering new UnderCover Systems for hookloaders, we have them factory fitted. A lot of thought and consideration went into the specification and we wanted it to meet all the demands needed to work in London. Narrow streets, underground loading docks and cycle safety were all factors alongside being able to do the job of a 32 ton truck.

How does the design compare to previous sheeting systems you have used?

The innovative design of the UnderCover is the main reason we chose to have it fitted. The arms come right into the body and underneath the container, they do not add any width and do not obstruct any part of the vehicle while travelling. On other available sheeting systems, the arms are generally  6 – 8 inches wider than the truck on each side, which not only makes the whole vehicle wider, but leaves the arms more prone to damage.

What features do you like best about the system?

The ability to see all of the vehicle in the mirrors while manoeuvring is paramount. The remote control has also been a welcome addition, occasionally the sheet has been caught on waste in the bin but easily freed using the remote control and pole supplied. 

Have you found this system to be reliable?

Yes, the system works perfectly fine. We have found that showing the operator exactly how to use the equipment helps with reliability and longevity. 

What would you say to other customers thinking of choosing an UnderCover system?

We think it is a great sheeting system that meets all of our requirements. If you are in the market for an easysheet, you seriously should consider  the UnderCover from Transcover. 


Sales Manager for Transcover Colin Bartram commented; “We would like to thank Paul for his feedback and kind words. Transcover have taken over 4 years designing and testing the UnderCover and it is really great that operators are experiencing the benefits.”

The UnderCover is a patented British design, for more information visit https://www.transcover.com/home#!services/hookloader/undercover



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